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You should listen to what our patients are saying about us

“I was having problems with unsteady gait. After exercises and treatments at HealthActions Physical Therapy there is no longer a real problem. The team here has made my treatment a pleasure.”

Betty J.

“When I first came to HealthActions, I was in so much pain in my lower back. I didn’t know what to expect from therapy, but I was pleasantly surprised. The therapists worked wonders on my back pain. HealthActions is the place to be if you are in pain. I am well pleased with my therapists and how she handled my workout for my back. Well done, HealthActions.”

Carrie K.

“One day after competing in my first CrossFit Open competition, I injured my right calf. I thought my competition was over and I would have to withdraw. I came straight to HealthActions for assessment. After being cleared for therapy by my doctor, HealthActions began an aggressive treatment protocol at my request—two treatments each day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then once on Thursday and Friday. I fully believe the aggressive treatment was the reason I was able to continue competing one week after my injury. Without the help of the therapist at HealthActions, this would not have been possible. Thanks for keeping my goal of competing in the 2018 CrossFit Open alive and well!”

Keith H.

Let Us Help You Get Back To An Active Life

At HealthActions Physical Therapy, we work to get you to right treatment for your condition.

  • Manual Therapy Jackson, Grove Hill, & Thomasville, AL

    Manual Therapy

    Manual Therapy

    Implementation of a hands-on approach to healing that is designed to help manage chronic pain, increase range of motion, and more.

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  • Balance & Fall Prevention Jackson, Grove Hill, & Thomasville, AL

    Balance & Fall

    Balance & Fall

    A physical therapist is best equipped to examine your movement and determine what is causing your balance and/or gait to operate incorrectly.

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  • Kinesio taping Jackson, Grove Hill, & Thomasville, AL



    Kinesio tape is most frequently used by athletes—especially those who engage in prolonged activities.

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  • Pelvic Floor Health Jackson, Grove Hill, & Thomasville, AL

    Pelvic Floor Health

    Pelvic Floor Health

    Physical therapists treat the pelvic floor musculoskeletal system through both internal and external therapy.

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  • Dry Needling Jackson, Grove Hill, & Thomasville, AL

    Dry Needling

    Dry Needling

    Dry Needling is a medical technique performed by a skilled physical therapist to immediately reduce pain, muscle tension and improve mobility.

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  • Trigger Point Release Jackson, Grove Hill, & Thomasville, AL

    Trigger Point

    Trigger Point

    Trigger point therapy, often referred to as myofascial release or pressure point massage, involves the application of gentle yet firm pressure to specific areas along the body, known as pressure or trigger points.

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You Can Do It, We Are Ready To Help You

At HealthActions Physical Therapy, our physical therapist are dedicated to offering movement focused care, reducing your pain. Our Promise to you shares our passion and our unwavering focus on ensuring that each patient receives the time and attention they need to achieve their health and movement goals.

HealthActions Promise:

• Listen to you and understand your needs.
• Thoroughly assess your movement problems.
• Provide hands-on care with the latest and most comprehensive techniques to help you reach your goals.
• Teach you how to move better, live better and have a better quality of life.

COVID 19: Our Commitment To You

Dear HealthActions Physical Therapy patients and HealthActions Fitness members,



Physical therapy is classified by the Whitehouse/CDC and Department of Homeland Security as a Critical Infrastructure Industry and therefore as an essential service.

As healthcare providers, we are here to help you MOVE BETTER AND LIVE BETTER. Whether you are having pain, difficulty moving, vertigo or balance problems, we are here to help you regain function and the ability to move. Movement is key for health and while we are all confined and practicing social distancing, we need to be able to move in our homes and work spaces to help promote our health and prevent illness.


Staff or patients with any signs or symptoms of illness of if they have been exposed to someone with illness: they are informed to STAY HOME.
Anyone who has traveled to Level 3 areas per the CDC, been on a cruise, or traveled in any confined space with groups has been informed to STAY HOME FOR 14 DAYS.

Clinics are disinfected per the CDC guidelines. Staff are following all CDC guidelines.


All equipment has been deep cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day.
All guidelines from local, state and federal governments have been reviewed.

We will operate in 100% compliance with all guidelines


1. Keep 6 feet apart from fellow participants
2. Wash or disinfect your hands upon entry and at exit
3. Disinfect the equipment you plan to use before and after usage with the provided disinfectant
4. If you have any signs /symptoms of coughing, sneezing, fever or sore throat: STAY HOME
5. If you have been around anyone with these signs or symptoms: STAY HOME
6. If you have traveled to any level 3 areas of outbreak , or have traveled in planes, trains, cruise ships, or have been exposed to large groups: STAY HOME
8. No more than 25 people can be in a single room or space at the same time and must be 6 feet apart.

We are here to HELP YOU! Continual monitoring of all local, state and national guidelines is occurring. We will keep you informed of any change in our availability as we all work together through this National Emergency.

We will be maintaining contact with patients who are unable to come in and coach them as needed in self care. Please let us know if we can help you in any way.

The HealthActions Team

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Physical Therapy Patient Testimonial

HealthActions Physical Therapy & Wellness offers a video showing patient testimonial. Watch it now.

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