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Thank you for your interest in learning more about HealthActions. HealthActions began in 1981 and continues to be owned and operated by the original owners Beth Whitehead, PT, MPH and Debbie Powell, PT, OCS. They are role models in our profession, passionate about physical therapy, and strive each day to make HealthActions an exceptional experience for both patients and practitioners. Developing a family of physical therapists to be exceptional in their work is essential to their success.

I started working with HealthActions after graduation from physical therapy school in 1998. This decision was easy because during my clinical rotation it was evident that we shared common goals to be lifelong learners and they valued me as an individual and as a professional. I trusted them and they continue to provide me with every opportunity to develop and be successful in life.

The unified Purpose at HealthActions is to help people “Feel Better, Move Better, and Live Better”. To achieve this, we must be intentional in our efforts towards learning and teaching. We operate on the basis that when you build teams of professionals who share core values of being Servant Leaders, Passionate Professionals, and Continual Learners, our Purpose can be fulfilled.

The mentorship program at HealthActions centers around our unique core curriculum program. It is evidence-based in that it was developed from quality research, patient expectations, practitioner experience, and with consultation from academic advisors well-known in our profession.

You begin the process with a 6-week structured program that introduces you to our model of care. This mentorship program is more than manual therapy. It is a comprehensive curriculum designed to help develop your foundational knowledge in the areas of leadership, primary care, movement science, and movement system management. The objectives help increase your knowledge in how the movement system works, how to accurately examine, select appropriate interventions, and manage patients over their lifespan. It will help lead you on a path towards becoming an expert in the movement system, confident in your ability to care for patients and create meaningful results.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about HealthActions and the opportunities that exist as part of our team. We recognize the value mentorship can provide and how it can impact the lives of our students, our therapists, and our patients.

As our organization continues to expand, and we are always looking to add quality members to our team who are passionate about their profession, life-long learning, and serving others.

Please contact our Human Resource department for more information at (251) 246-5761

Johnnie Burnett, PT, DPT
Director of Clinical Development

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