Our Model of Care

Patient Model of Care

Helping People Feel Better, Move Better, Live Better

Roadmap to Repairing the Body’s Movement System

Phase 1:

Pain Reduction & Symptoms

Phase 2:

Basic Total Body Movement Improved

Phase 3:

Overall Strength and Capacity Improved

Phase 4:

Health Active and Fit Lifestyle, Free to Move

At HealthActions, our model of caring for you focuses on fixing and maintaining how our bodies move.

Our bodily movement system (muscles and joints, fed by nerves, heart, and lungs) can become broken as we move less, sit more, gain weight and have less energy. Injury can occur more easily, In general, moving with stiffness and pain, becomes more noticeable day by day.

As physical therapists, we are experts in looking at the entire body, and developing a step by step plan to move you back to a health, active lifestyle.

Our physical therapists and team, progress our patients along a “roadmap” to repair the body’s movement system, helping you to feel better, move better and live better.

Phase 1

We work with you to reduce pain and symptoms quickly, helping you to “feel better”. Hands-on care, dry needling and painfree movement are a few treatments that help bring pain and spasm under control.

Phase 2

Our unique movement system test guides our therapists in creating a treatment plan designed to help you “move better”. This physical therapy movement prescription is specific to your needs. The way you move and type of exercises you perform are important to gaining optimal muscle and joint health and ability to work, play and live.

Phase 3

We focus on increasing your endurance and capacity to perform activities to improve your quality of life.

Phase 4

We help you with exercise or movements to return you to an active and fit lifestyle.

As Physical Therapists, we have the professional responsibility to care for patients over their lifespan, helping people maintain their movement systems (muscle and joints) and ultimately, quality of life. Annual physical therapy movement exams are also a part of the process to help us monitor your movement system, identifying problems and starting treatment plans as problems arise, ideally fixing the movement system before it is broken.

At HealthActions, our model of care is designed to keep you moving and living.

Contact us today for a free movement screening by one of our physical therapists.

We are here to help you feel better, move better and live better!

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