Our History

HealthActions Physical Therapy was founded in 1981 by Beth Whitehead, PT, MPH and Debbie Powell, PT, OCS. Right from the very beginning, their goal was simple, to provide patient-centered physical therapy of the highest quality to our local community, and they have never wavered from that mission.

The HealthActions story is one deeply interwoven with friends, families, colleagues and communities all partnering together as they strive for better health and a better future. To us, it’s about a vision. One where we see our patients living their lives to the fullest as they are no longer held captive by their pain or limitations. Have you ever heard someone say, “If you’ve got your health, then you’ve got everything?” It’s an old saying, one that has been around for generations, and with good reason. Living a life of health means being free to fully and completely live as you see more and embrace more out of every single day.

Throughout these 3 decades, HealthActions owners have strived to develop themselves, other physical therapists, licensed assistants, exercise professionals and support staff to be “their best.” Tremendous time, effort, and resources have been spent staying abreast of the latest research and best treatments to help our patients, families and friends have better health for better living.

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