Athletic Training Jackson, Grove Hill, Thomasville & Daphne, AL

Athletic Training

Athletic Training

HealthActions Physical Therapy offers a complete Sports Medicine Program to Clarke County Area High Schools.

The program includes:

  • Assistance with Pre-Season Physicals
  • Athletic Trainer Services
  • Physical Therapy Services
  • Strength training programs for all sports

Proper care and preventive programs can greatly reduce the risk of injury to your athletes. HealthActions is committed to providing quality rehabilitation and conditioning programs to your student team members.

HealthActions is committed to working with your sports medicine team – team physician, orthopaedic specialist, Athletic trainer, Physical Therapist, athlete, parent, and coach.


Athletic Trainer Services (ATC):

  • Recognition, Assessment, Immediate Care, Evaluate & treat, rehabilitation, and prevention of sports injuries
  • Refer to team physician/specialist of athlete’s choice as appropriate or route to physical therapy clinic with referral from the team physician.
  • Discuss injury and rehabilitation details with parents and coaches.
  • Document and organize all pertinent player information, including injuries and treatments.
  • Conduct pre-season physicals in conjunction with the sports medicine team


Athletic Trainer Coverage:

  • Football
    • On site 1-2x per week
    • Games – as needed, when available
  • All other sports
    • On site visit at least 1x per week.

Timing is everything! Proper care and preventive programs can greatly reduce the risk of injury and reduce time out of the game!