Meet your Patient Care Coordinator


Laura Eubanks

Office: 251-246-5761 ext. 228
Cell: 251-605-9662 (best method of contact)


Effective health care takes a team, a dedicated group of individuals all focused on moving towards the same goal at the same time. At HealthActions, we believe that a patient’s health care team is vital to the success of their treatment plan. This is why we created our Patient Care Coordinator Program.

HealthActions’ Patient Care Coordinator Program is designed to connect physicians, their staff and members of the community with clinic teams, fitness staff and other patient services. This approach helps facilitate a strategic plan with all facets moving in harmony. It also works to foster positive, open and beneficial relationships between team members that result in an enhanced level of patient care.

HealthActions Patient Care Coordinator is available to:

  • Provide information and education on new programs and services.
  • Work with referring physicians and their staff to address issues or areas of concern in order to help ease the process of referring a patient to our health system for care.
  • Help referring physicians and their staff obtain timely follow-up information on their patients and return them to the referring physicians for follow up care.
  • Arrange a personal meeting with one of our Movement Specialists.

If you have questions about this program please contact HealthActions’ Patient Care Coordinator, Laura Waters. Laura currently serves as a personal contact for all members of the treatment team and is available to answer questions and offer assistance.

“At HealthActions we greatly appreciate the relationships we have with our patients’ treatment teams. Our hope is to help facilitate communication between team members so each patient is given every possible advantage. I look forward to speaking with you and learning more about YOUR TEAM!”