Next Steps

Once your treatment plan is complete, your journey with your HealthActions team is far from over. We remain dedicated to our patients as their Movement Specialists even as they move forward with their life and continue to MOVE! After all, to maintain your results, you must stay active.

Your next, and very important, steps actually represent the 4th Phase of your treatment. Just as you visit your dentist for regular cleanings or your personal physician for a yearly physical, your physical therapy and fitness team will provide you with an Annual Fitness and Movement Assessment. This type of annual “tune-up” helps uncover potential problem areas before they become debilitating and works to keep you moving pain free throughout your whole life.

At this point in your treatment you will be able to resume your independence and daily life while continuing with an appropriate exercise and activity program. However, this plan should be reassessed annually to ensure the directives continue to meet your unique needs and situation. This is why we encourage you to schedule regular annual meetings with your Movement Specialist team to allow them to continue to monitor your health and provide the best possible treatment and activity plan.

By continuing to stay active you will maintain your progress while improving your overall well-being and quality of life.