Our Story

HealthActions - Our Story

The HealthActions story is one deeply interwoven with friends, families, colleagues and communities all partnering together as they strive for better health and a better future. To us, it’s about a vision. One where we see our patients living their lives to the fullest as they are no longer held captive by their pain or limitations. Have you ever heard someone say, “If you’ve got your health, then you’ve got everything?” It’s an old saying, one that has been around for generations, and with good reason. Living a life of health means being free to fully and completely live as you see more and embrace more out of every single day.

Founded in 1981 in Grove Hill, AL by Beth Whitehead, PT, MPH and Debbie Powell, PT, OCS, HealthActions was originally known as Alabama Physical Therapy Associates, PA. Right from the very beginning our goal was simple, to provide patient centered physical therapy of the highest quality to our local community, and we have never waivered from that mission. What we started in a small clinic in Clarke County soon spread to Choctaw, Baldwin and Monroe Counties throughout the 80’s and early 90’s. Then with changes in healthcare, a shortage of physical therapists occurred and the organization contracted to 2 primary locations, the main corporate office in Jackson, Alabama and a satellite clinic at Monroe County Hospital, in Monroeville, Alabama.

In the early 90’s, we made the decision to expand our organization by providing a more holistic approach to our patients. We realized that helping our patients live life to the fullest went far beyond the physical therapy aspect of their care. With that in mind, we modified treatment plans as we worked, not only on the moving aspect but on helping our patients through a full Wellness Continuum. At this point we felt we needed a new name that better reflected our refined mission.  So our name changed to HealthActions and our mission became promoting Better Health for Better Living.

Our main office added a community wellness facility with programming for all ages along with the promotion of occupational health and wellness. Over the next decade, services returned to Grove Hill, Alabama, Thomasville, Alabama and expanded from Monroe County Hospital to a private clinic in Monroeville, Alabama with a community wellness focus. We partnered with Troy Regional Medical Center, in Troy, Alabama to create HealthActions of Troy, LLC. Our most recent expansion is a new partnership with Flowers Hospital, in Dothan, Alabama.

Throughout these 3 decades, HealthActions owners have strived to develop themselves, other therapists, licensed assistants, exercise professionals and support staff to be “their best.” Tremendous time, effort, and resources have been spent staying abreast of the latest research and best treatments to help our patients, families and friends have better health for better living.

Now as we move toward 2020, HealthActions has again evolved, following our professional association’s vision: “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the Human Experience.” With this evolving focus, our new mission statement is “Move Better, Live Better”.