Sir Rockster

Sir Rockster “Rocky”,

Rocky is a french bulldog who has been a survivor since birth as he was the only puppy to live out of his litter. He was ridiculed as a young pup because of his abnormally large head and “Dumbo” like ears though he outgrew this ugly duckling stage and blossomed into the handsome fellow he is today. He has never forgotten his humble upbringing and can relate well to those that have a hurting heart.

He began going to go to work with his mom, who is a physical therapist assistant Kim Kendrick, when he was 9 weeks old and it was quickly apparent that he had a huge heart and a great passion for spreading love and joy to others. He became a certified therapy dog at approximately a year and half years old and takes this job very seriously. He has never met a stranger but especially adores children and can tell when one needs a hug and snuggles. He has overcome adversity and proven that a diagnosis of degenerative bone disease and resulting in two hip replacement surgeries will not take away his love of life.

He has taken his physical therapy and recovery seriously and is back to inspiring others to live life to the fullest.
Rocky enjoys playing fetch with his squeaky tennis ball, chewing on his bone, wearing crazy outfits, and bringing smiles to others by clowning around the clinic.

You can follow Rocky’s antics on his Instagram page @Sir_Rockster

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