Patient Testimonials

  • john-w-healthactions

    “Excellent results administered by professional therapists! They were able to resolve my vertigo problem in 2 weeks. I would recommend anyone with this issue to come to HealthActions Physical Therapy!”

    John W.

  • “I was referred to HealthActions for bursitis and an impinged tendon in my right shoulder. I started with Darbi Jackson, PT, who was excellent. I had and MRI and it showed I had a full thickness tear in my rotator cuff. Kim has been my therapists most of the time. She not only got me back to full range of motion, but did it without pain. She is also aware of other physical characteristics that cause me lower back pain and has helped with that as well. I tell everyone I meet to come here. They are wonderful!”

    Vanessa E.

  • “When I first came to HealthActions, I was in so much pain in my lower back. I didn’t know what to expect from therapy, but I was pleasantly surprised. The therapists worked wonders on my back pain. HealthActions is the place to be if you are in pain. I am well pleased with my therapists and how she handled my workout for my back. Well done, HealthActions.”

    Carrie K.

  • “I had a total knee replacement and was referred by Dr. Liljeberg. This is my second hip replacement, my first was rehabilitated at Troy University. My experience here has been successful. The staff has been very professional, helpful, and friendly. I would recommend this facility to anyone needing physical therapy.”

    Terry J.

  • “When I first started physical therapy, my right shoulder was very sore and I could barely use it. It was very difficult using it in my everyday life. After a few visits, it started to get easier to use. I was introduced to dry needling and that helped very much. My improvement of my arm and shoulder is getting much better. I really do appreciate the work from the staff that has made my life much better with the movement of my arm and shoulder. Thank you very much for your services.”

    Amy C.

  • “I had a frozen shoulder. From the first visit until the last, my experience was exceptional. Everyone was so professional, yet treated me as an individual who was important to them. Everyone is so friendly and considerate. My goals have been met. I will continue with my exercises at home. Thanks to everyone and God bless you!”

    Sara T.

  • “After putting off seeing a physical therapist at my doctors recommendation, Jenna came in to a class at the YMCA and spoke about HealthActions and the new location in Daphne. I set up a screening with her which finally began my road to recovery. I started with so much pain and barely being able to sit to the point of being physically ill. Jenna and the entire staff have been such a joy to be around. The attention and different methods of treatment made this the best experience, unlike my previous physical therapy treatments. They definitely make you feel like a special patient, not just a medical record number. I have been recommending HealthActions to everyone. Even though this is my last treatment, I will be back for dry needling when needed as well as a good taping. These girls are the best. I feel like I’m leaving family. It is great to feel normal again and picking up some special friends is an added bonus!”

    Reba R.

  • “From my initial contact until my last visit, my experience has been so good. My therapist and all the staff have been excellent. All are personable and very conducive to healing and recovery. Their enthusiasm was also encouraging. I’m extremely satisfied with my progress. I realize my continued healing will be determined by the amount of time I put into the home exercises I’ve been given. I’ve had therapy on my knee before and by far HealthActions is the best therapy I’ve had. Thank you so much, HealthActions!”

    Ann J.

  • “I was having problems with unsteady gait. After exercises and treatments at HealthActions Physical Therapy there is no longer a real problem. The team here has made my treatment a pleasure.”

    Betty J.

  • “Everything at HealthActions Physical Therapy was excellent. I came to HealthActions Physical Therapy with nerve problems that went from my neck to my shoulder. Now, I have absolutely no pain in my neck or shoulder. Thank you, HealthActions.”

    Frank W.

  • “I am so grateful for the patience and willingness the HealthActions team had during my therapy. They have been a tremendous help in my recovery to get through my Migraine Associated Vertigo and vestibular weakness. I highly recommend HealthActions Physical Therapy for any rehabilitation treatments.”

    Kelly M.

  • “I was sent to HealthActions to prevent shoulder replacement surgery. Since being here, my shoulder feels completely normal. I have no pain and I can do my normal daily activities with no problem. My doctor couldn’t believe what all I accomplished at HealthActions Physical Therapy. Believe me, don’t have surgery until you try physical therapy at HealthActions first. I am completely happy with the service and staff here. I can’t explain how much I appreciate all the help and care I have received.”

    Jean S.

  • “The staff and treatment here has been terrific. The therapy has been very successful! They have given me all kinds of things to do at home to keep my neck pain at a very low level. If you are suffering…stop! HealthActions can help!”

    Debra L.

  • “The staff is very friendly, and I was always greeted with a smile. They were genuinely concerned with helping me to get back to a better quality of life being pain free.”

    Johnnie J.

  • “One day after competing in my first CrossFit Open competition, I injured my right calf. I thought my competition was over and I would have to withdraw. I came straight to HealthActions for assessment. After being cleared for therapy by my doctor, HealthActions began an aggressive treatment protocol at my request—two treatments each day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then once on Thursday and Friday. I fully believe the aggressive treatment was the reason I was able to continue competing one week after my injury. Without the help of the therapist at HealthActions, this would not have been possible. Thanks for keeping my goal of competing in the 2018 CrossFit Open alive and well!”

    Keith H.

  • “I believe I injured my back when building a patio last year in June. It bothered me for several months and then I began to have back spasm for which I was not able to get relief. I saw Dr. Guin in Dothan and asked him to let me try therapy before any other treatment from here. The exercises they have taught me provide relief at home when the spasms occur. I was given traction and dry needling which provided the most relief. I appreciate the staff and what they have accomplished in my case.”

    Irene B.