SMARTMOVES is a six-week low impact program designed to increase muscle strength, range of movement, balance and boost your energy levels.

SMARTMOVES is a functional mobility program that is fun, low impact on your joints and low in intensity. Each six-week program comes with two assessments, in order to set your program parameters and track your overall progress. During each 55-minute session your SMARTMOVES Instructor will ensure that you maintain the intensity needed to increase your energy levels, while maintaining optimal form to maximize health benefits.

Your highly trained SMARTMOVES Instructor will be with you every step of the way coaching and motivating you to new levels of health and function.


  • Improved strength and stamina
  • Increased levels of mobility and flexibility
  • Increased balance and stability


  • Two 55-minute SMARTMOVES sessions each week for 6 weeks
  • 6-10 participants per class
  • SMARTMOVES equipment provided
  • All SMARTMOVES Instructors are highly trained and will be with you every step of the way


Grab some friends or we can team you up with other health focused people, contact HealthActions Physical Therapy and prepare to improve your quality of life!

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Participant: Mary B.

"I am walking and feeling so much better, thanks to HealthActions and their SmartMoves class!

I joined SmartMoves wanting to learn how to move more freely, keep my pain under control and get in better shape. Thanks to Smart Moves, I can now walk 30 minutes on the treadmill, I have better posture and I move better. It even makes exercise fun! I feel really good now and my class instructor helps each of us to perform these exercises correctly!

I have several friends that are battling with very similar loss of strength and have pain and could benefit from physical therapy and this class too. There's no way I could do these specific exercises on my own, without guidance and instruction from our class leader. She progresses us individually, challenges us, and just does a wonderful job."

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