Irene Bryant

"I believe I injured my back when building a patio last year in June. It bothered me for several months and then I began to have back spasm for which I was not able to get relief. I saw Dr. Guin in Dothan and asked him to let me try therapy before any other treatment from here. The exercises they have taught me provide relief at home when the spasms occur. I was given traction and dry needling which provided the most relief. I appreciate the staff and what they have accomplished in my case.”

Dorothy Cassity

“I loved my time at Health Actions. They were always very attentive to my needs—they made me feel special. I never felt like a patient, I felt like part of a family. They made me look forward to my visits. I always recommend HealthActions. They are knowledgeable, caring, and friendly.”

Jaqueline Richerson

“I heard that Health Actions was a good place to come for treatment. I had a wonderful experience at Health Actions. All the staff was so friendly and knowledgeable of their job. The special treatment and one-on-one time they gave me was great.

My goals were to manage my pain from my hip. The things they showed me helped a lot. They not only treated me, but gave me things and sheets to take home to do. Thanks Health Actions.”

Janice Kimbrough

“I had an injury and experienced severe pain in my neck, right shoulder and arm, and right knee. My experience with the therapists taught me how to exercise on the proper machines to help control my pain. I have gotten back most of my mobility which I had lost, and I’ve regained enough strength to get back to my normal daily activities. I thank God and the therapists at Health Actions for their help and excellent work.”

Robert Baugh

“HealthActions Physical Therapy has an excellent staff. They are well trained, friendly, and have a genuine interest in their patients. They have a top notch regime of therapy which greatly improved my condition. I highly recommend them to anyone needing therapy.”

Hakeen “Bo” Robinson

“When I first came here, I was having back pain. I am now pain free. I have returned to all of my sports activities without any problems. The staff was very helpful, cooperative, and taught me a lot. I really enjoyed this experience. ”

Jessica Perry

“I had multiple strokes which caused my left side to weaken. My experience was wonderful! The staff was very helpful and sweet. I learned to exercise my left side. My goal was to feel comfortable holding my daughter and I now am very comfortable carrying her.”

Tammy Barnes

“I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease with two discs already ruptured. My doctor recommended a two or three level lumbar fusion, which after much thought and research, I rejected. Instead, I chose to have physical therapy.

The care and treatment I received has greatly improved my quality of life. The exercises that were recommended improved the strength and stability of the muscles in my lower back, which in turn, allowed me to become more active. I truly love everyone at Health Actions and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Michelle Dees

“I recently have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, so I came to Health Actions to help build my muscles and balance techniques. The visits that I have experienced have been rewarding and very helpful.”

Keith Higginbotham

"One day after competing in my first CrossFit Open competition, I injured my right calf. I thought my competition was over and I would have to withdraw. I came straight to HealthActions for assessment. After being cleared for therapy by my doctor, HealthActions began an aggressive treatment protocol at my request—two treatments each day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then once on Thursday and Friday. I fully believe the aggressive treatment was the reason I was able to continue competing one week after my injury. Without the help of the therapist at HealthActions, this would not have been possible. Thanks for keeping my goal of competing in the 2018 CrossFit Open alive and well!”

Johnnie Jones

"The staff is very friendly, and I was always greeted with a smile. They were genuinely concerned with helping me to get back to a better quality of life being pain free.”

Debra Latremore

“The staff and treatment here has been terrific. The therapy has been very successful! They have given me all kinds of things to do at home to keep my neck pain at a very low level. If you are suffering…stop! HealthActions can help!”

Lawson Parker

“My experience at HealthActions was a terrific one. The staff was very friendly and easy going. The therapy I received was helpful and painless. Although my time was short, I would highly recommend them for the future. Thanks again for the amazing staff and a speedy recovery.”

Jean Smith

“I was sent to HealthActions to prevent shoulder replacement surgery. Since being here, my shoulder feels completely normal. I have no pain and I can do my normal daily activities with no problem. My doctor couldn’t believe what all I accomplished at HealthActions Physical Therapy. Believe me, don’t have surgery until you try physical therapy at HealthActions first. I am completely happy with the service and staff here. I can’t explain how much I appreciate all the help and care I have received.”

Kelly Mobley

“I am so grateful for the patience and willingness the HealthActions team had during my therapy. They have been a tremendous help in my recovery to get through my Migraine Associated Vertigo and vestibular weakness. I highly recommend HealthActions Physical Therapy for any rehabilitation treatments.”

Frank Williams

“Everything at HealthActions Physical Therapy was excellent. I came to HealthActions Physical Therapy with nerve problems that went from my neck to my shoulder. Now, I have absolutely no pain in my neck or shoulder. Thank you, HealthActions.”

Betty Jernigan

“I was having problems with unsteady gait. After exercises and treatments at HealthActions Physical Therapy there is no longer a real problem. The team here has made my treatment a pleasure.”