Larry Edgar

“I had been having lower back pain with some nerve pain running down my inner leg. I had a lumbar epidural at an orthopaedic facility and started physical therapy at the Troy Health Actions clinic. The entire experience was stellar in nature and my condition has improved tremendously. As I leave today with the knowledge acquired, I believe I can keep my condition in check. Thanks to all who helped me accomplish these results.”

Jessica Wilmore

“My visit here was great and I progressed very fast. I’m well with no more back pain after the third visit! I am very thankful for the improvement the staff here sent me home with. I’m fully recovered.”

Lottie Johnson

“When I first arrived at therapy, I was in so much pain it was nearly unbearable. Through the process of all the dedicated therapists services and treatments, I can honestly say I can move my neck, lift my arms, look left and right, up and down. This group really gave me the attention and massages and work routines to get me back on the go. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Abigail Knight

“I came here for pain and trouble with my TMJ. The staff here is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone having trouble.”

Brenda Lockett

“Starting physical therapy was a challenge, but it was necessary. Having gone through a total knee replacement, the muscles in my leg had weakened. The staff mapped out a program just for me. Every day I went, I was met with smiles and encouragement. I can now climb steps, sit and stand, walk, and get in and out of my car. Getting in and out of my bath tub was a major accomplishment. I will continue to work the program that was outlined for me at home. My journey with Health Actions is one I will not forget. Not only did I have great physical therapists, I found great friends.”

Craig Norris

“My therapy at Health Actions was very helpful. I came in with pain and limited movement in my ankle, now I have all my motion back with no pain. The staff was great. Friendly, helpful, and very professional!”

Deborah Kennedy

“I had both of my knees replaced. I came to Health Actions with both knees. Everyone here is so good with each and every one. Health Actions is like a family. When I came in, it made me feel like I was a part of their family. They worked with me and the kind words that each and every one gave me was so warm to my heart. If anyone needs physical therapy, you need to call on Health Actions. You will make a new family. A family that you will always have. For every one at Health Actions, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will love you all forever. Thank you all!”

Diane Madison

“I thank my doctor for sending me to Health Actions. I came into Health Actions for my knees and neck and overall I have improved so much! I am able to move better without pain now. I want to thank the staff for all of their hard work. I will tell everyone around about the amazing services at Health Actions.”

Dorothy Cassity

“I loved my time at Health Actions. They were always very attentive to my needs—they made me feel special. I never felt like a patient, I felt like part of a family. They made me look forward to my visits. I always recommend HealthActions. They are knowledgeable, caring, and friendly.”

Jessica Clowers

“When I first decided to use Health Actions, I had severe neck and back pain from a recent accident. After only a few short weeks, my neck and back pain was completely gone. The staff at Health Actins was so helpful and kind and knowledgeable. They quickly got me started on an exercise program to strengthen my neck and back, which has resulted in complete recovery and no neck or back pain. I highly recommend HealthActions to everyone!”

Jaqueline Richerson

“I heard that Health Actions was a good place to come for treatment. I had a wonderful experience at Health Actions. All the staff was so friendly and knowledgeable of their job. The special treatment and one-on-one time they gave me was great.

My goals were to manage my pain from my hip. The things they showed me helped a lot. They not only treated me, but gave me things and sheets to take home to do. Thanks Health Actions.”

Janice Kimbrough

“I had an injury and experienced severe pain in my neck, right shoulder and arm, and right knee. My experience with the therapists taught me how to exercise on the proper machines to help control my pain. I have gotten back most of my mobility which I had lost, and I’ve regained enough strength to get back to my normal daily activities. I thank God and the therapists at Health Actions for their help and excellent work.”

Barron Bettis

“I came in after I had a stroke. I couldn't walk. Now, I am walking everywhere, to the grocery store and to the car. Thank you all for everything.”

Corwren Dunnam

“I recently decided to start running. While training, I moved from running a dirt road to running the highway. I pulled my piriformis muscle and came to Health Actions. I received great care. It only took 6 sessions to regain my ability to run without any pain .The staff was exceptionally friendly and always helpful. So glad I chose to get physical therapy! Thank y’all for all you did.”

Cydnee Phillips

“During softball practice I broke 2 bones in my ankle and tore all the ligaments. I then had to have surgery which brought me to therapy. My experience here was great. I loved that all the staff here is always pushing you to do your best. My goals when I first started therapy were to be able to walk, run, and play sports I’m glad to say I achieved them. Without therapy, it wouldn’t have been possible.”

Darryl Perryman

“Severe pain in my lower back and right leg is what brought me to Health Actions. I experienced a friendly atmosphere and learned to manage my pain. My goals coming in were to relieve all or most of my pain. I have been feeling much better, sleeping better, walking better, and have had less pain on a daily basis. I feel as though with continued personal management, I will continue to feel better. Thanks to the Staff of Health Actions for all your services.”

Kristopher Thomas

“My son has cerebral palsy which has his body very stiff. I have seen great improvement since Steven has been working with him. We are very glad to have had him work with Kris. He was very patient with him, yet firm when he needed to be to motivate Kris to do his exercises. I am well pleased and am looking forward to returning to have him work with Kris again. Thank you for your help. ” (written by his mother)

Lora Griffin

“The purpose of my visits was to find relief for the pain in my left lower hip area. After evaluation and finding exercise to fit my needs, the work began. My best treatment was dry needling. I highly recommend this treatment. The staff members are very kind. I am very pleased with my results.”

Nichole Daffin

“I had a stroke and could not walk. I love the staff at Grove Hill Health Actions. They explain what they are doing and how it helps. Now, I am out of my chair a lot and walking with a walker. I am hoping to be able to walk normal again. I would like everyone to try Health Actions if they need physical therapy.”

Robert Baugh

“Health Actions has an excellent staff. They are well trained, friendly, and have a genuine interest in their patients. They have a top notch regime of therapy which greatly improved my condition. I highly recommend them to anyone needing therapy.”

Bertha Darrington

“My doctor sent me here for my back pain. I enjoyed my time here at Health Actions and I learned a lot. I wanted to improve my walking and how my back felt. Health Actions helped me do that.”

Hakeen “Bo” Robinson

“When I first came here, I was having back pain. I am now pain free. I have returned to all of my sports activities without any problems. The staff was very helpful, cooperative, and taught me a lot. I really enjoyed this experience. ”

Jessica Perry

“I had multiple strokes which caused my left side to weaken. My experience was wonderful! The staff was very helpful and sweet. I learned to exercise my left side. My goal was to feel comfortable holding my daughter and I now am very comfortable carrying her.”

Jack Tracy

“I came to Health Actions after having my right knee replaced. I learned that I could accomplish a lot more than I thought. My goals were to achieve as much movement in this knee as I did with my left knee after it was replaced. With the help of all the therapists, I did do this. I would like to recommend Health Actions to anyone who needs help with any physical problem. They were extremely helpful and professional in their treatment of my knee.” 

Loretta Wimbley

“I had to walk on a cane and was losing my balance. My shoulders were tight and painful, as were my hands. I was in a lot of pain. Since I’ve been here, my balance has improved. I don’t fear falling anymore and I can reach for items on the top of the cabinet. I also no longer walk with my cane. The staff and my therapists have given me the confidence to live a normal life. They are the best!! Thank you all and I love you!”

Robert Sheffield

“I started physical therapy 2 weeks after my injury. When I started, I couldn’t stand or sit for any length of time. Within a couple of weeks after starting therapy, I could sit through all of my church services without having to get up and walk around. Now after 2 months of therapy, I’m completely pain free and returning to work. My doctor can’t believe I healed so fast. I told him it was because of my therapy.”

Tammy Barnes

“I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease with two discs already ruptured. My doctor recommended a two or three level lumbar fusion, which after much thought and research, I rejected. Instead, I chose to have physical therapy.

The care and treatment I received has greatly improved my quality of life. The exercises that were recommended improved the strength and stability of the muscles in my lower back, which in turn, allowed me to become more active. I truly love everyone at Health Actions and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Tena McKinley

“I was diagnosed with arthritis of the knee. I received a cortisone injection and later a rooster comb injection. I was in extreme pain, sometimes having to use a walker. I was getting depressed because I felt my quality of life was changing. I could not do my housework and Christmas was approaching. Little things like Christmas shopping were looking bleak. I was very skeptical that physical therapy could help arthritis. The therapy I received has me convinced now that I was wrong. I am pain free. My quality of life has returned to normal. The entire staff at Health Actions is friendly and because of my therapists and assistants that worked with me, I can do everything I used to before being diagnosed with arthritis of the knee. I highly recommend HealthActions for anyone who is suffering with any kind of pain. A BIG “thank you” to Christen Garrick for encouraging me each visit!”


Albert McGhee

“Trey and all the Health Actions group really improved my ability to move around. One hundred percent. My back and legs feel so much better. We thank everyone. Also, their clerical staff was so pleasant to us. Everyone was great. Thanks again!”

Andy Burgess

“Thanks to the caring and knowledgeable staff I am pain free with full use of my left arm. Thank you all.”

Cathy Dailey

“I came to Health Actions in unbearable pain from my sciatic nerve. I wasn’t able to sleep at night due to the pain. I’m 99% pain free at night now. The pain made me not want to do anything but sit. I am now able to function normal again. Health Actions is the best place for physical therapy. Thanks guys!”

Cynthia Evans

“I came in to Health Actions about 8 weeks ago. I was in so much pain that it was hard to walk, sit, and stand. But today, I can say that I am walking, sitting, and standing much better. I would say that the staff has been great!”

Darlene Dore-Oden

“The staff is very professional. I was hurting when I came in, now I feel that the pain is almost gone and manageable. Dry needling is a miracle. Thanks for everything you’ve done. I am hoping I am now on my way to a more productive life with minimal to no pain. I could not have gotten to this point without the staff of Health Actions.”

Josephine Bullard

“My success story starts with only one word, AWESOME! The Health Actions family was very supportive and encouraging at all times. I only hope that as I continue to visit that I can help someone else experience the joy!”

Jason Tomlinson

“A knee scope brought me to therapy. I worked out the soreness with the help of the staff. They have been great! My goals were to get this knee ready to go back to work. I have accomplished this with the help of Health Actions. I will recommend them to anyone anytime!”

Katie Davis

“I was hurting pretty bad in my lower back and I was also stiff. It was difficult and painful to bend over. My doctor sent me to Health Actions and two weeks of therapy later: I am better! I no longer hurt and the stiffness is gone. I am bending over better.  Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. I appreciate the special care Health Actions gave to me!”

Michelle Dees

“I recently have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, so I came to Health Actions to help build my muscles and balance techniques. The visits that I have experienced have been rewarding and very helpful.”

Mason Burgess

“Thanks to Health Actions, my throwing arm is back to 100%.”

Robert Hoefer

“The fun and friendly staff were very knowledgeable when it came to relieving my low back pain. I feel like a new man. Thank you all!”

Cole Dees

“My treatment at Health Actions was very helpful. I am back doing a full workout pain free. My back feels great!”

Jackson Reid

“I came to HealthActions because of a broken collar bone. Since I’ve been at physical therapy, I’m able to throw a football again. The HealthActions staff was great helping me get back on the field. Thanks Health Actions. Go Bulldogs!”