Worker's Comp

Our Promise

We are COMMITTED to helping both workers and their employers by reducing lost workdays and injury-related costs.

We STRIVE to assist with returning the employee to work as soon as possible and to assist the employer, insurer and case manager in containing costs through immediate evaluation and prompt, aggressive treatment of injury, as well as assisting the employee with education and wellness.

Industrial Services

We use our 35 years of experience and training to help prevent and treat work-related injuries.

Preventative Services

  • Office Ergonomic Assessment & Training
  • Proper Body Mechanics Assessment & Training
  • “Overuse” Injury Prevention Training

Other Services

Work Conditioning Programs

  • An individualized and structured rehabilitation program organized to improve function and quality of life with the goal of return to work.
  • The program consists primarily of physical conditioning, injury prevention and education and designed to return the employee to his/her previous employment.

Rehabilitation Services

“Hands-On” Post Injury Physical Therapy

Employees Receive:

  • Head-To-Toe Evaluation
  • Hands-On Manual Treatment
  • Thorough Education
  • Appropriate exercise & Body Mechanics Training
  • Program progression & reassessment daily with the goal of recovery and return to work as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Communication with all team members, key and ongoing, Physician, Case Manager, Employer to guarantee case closure.

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